First menopause support service for Huddersfield launches

The first dedicated menopause support service is due to be launched thanks to new funding from Dalton, Almondbury and Newsome councillors through the Huddersfield Central Place Partnership.

The new service which will be delivered by WomenCentre is a two-year pilot which aims to help people to better understand and raise awareness of the menopause and its impact on women, their families and lives. By putting in place a range of new support measures to help women, it is hoped they will be able to better manage their experiences and symptoms of menopause.

Cllr Mus Khan, Dalton, said “I am absolutely delighted that all 9 councillors from all 4 local parties have come together to highlight and address this issue that effects fifty percent of the population at some point in their lives.”

She added “Menopause is still a taboo subject and attached to feelings of shame and isolation. It can be a period of not just physiological change, but many women also experience stress, anxiety and depression due to hormonal changes, yet there’s very little support or information out there for them. In some cases, menopause can be life debilitating. We are hoping this service will be a start to filing that gap in provision.”

WomenCentre are currently recruiting a Menopause Project Development Officer to develop and deliver the new service. You can find all the details at

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