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Sustainable Huddersfield Green Skills Webinar

The region of West Yorkshire stands on the cusp of opportunity as our economy regroups post-Covid. Our region was once the powerhouse for the country, fuelling the growth of innovation and wealth across the entire UK. Today, the climate crisis poses stark challenges to our region but also presents radical opportunities for modernisation and reindustrialisation in a way that delivers on our national obligations to tackle climate change; and this must be supported fully by the Government.

West Yorkshire and the Leeds City Region stand primed in terms of innovation, educational excellence, talent and skill. We believe that, through the Sustainable Huddersfield initiative, we can build a blueprint here that works, which draws on best practice regionally and which could be rolled out nationwide.

In collaboration with Sustainable Huddersfield, Barry Sheerman MP and Bill Macbeth, head of the Textile Centre of Excellence have organised a webinar where the critical topics of green skills, training and education will be considered to build bridges between leaders, campaigners, industry figures and skills providers.




21 Apr 2022


13:00 - 15:00

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