Dinosaur on the loose in Dalton – Did you see him?

We have seen various reports today of a T-Rex Dinosaur on the loose in Dalton. (There’s a story we didn’t think we would have been publishing 3 months ago!)

Members of the public took to the ‘Dalton, Kirkheaton, Moldgreen & Rawthorpe Community’ page on Facebook to say that they had spotted someone dressed as a T-Rex spreading some joy within the community.

Luke Dean, a local resident posted ‘Just come face to face with T-Rex walking around Dalton. Not every day you come face to face with a dinosaur especially at 9.30pm. Did anyone else bump into him?’

Another local resident Daniel, published a video of CCTV footage of the ‘dinosaur’ passing his house.

Residents were quick to praise the individual stating tthat it was a fantastic way to boost everyone’s spirits during lockdown. Others commented that the ‘dinosaur’ was more than happy to take socially distanced selfies.

Speaking to Huddersfield Times, Luke, who published one of the posts on the community page told us ” Seeing this made my evening. It made me smile and laugh after a few weeks of suffering mentally and physically. It was nice to see something positive again that helped lift spirits.”

The big question everyone is asking today is: Who was wearing the dinosaur costume? Here at Huddersfield Times, we are appealing for information to locate the pre-historic hero so the community can say thank you for cheering them up! 

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