Dalton’s ‘dinosaur’ unmasked as inspirational young man

It got a lot of our readers talking over the weekend when we posed the question ‘Who was dressed up as a dinosaur in Dalton?‘ 

If you missed it, on Sunday we covered the story of an amazing individual who dressed up as a dinosaur and took a tour of the streets of Dalton, boosting the spirits of local residents and bringing smiles to the faces of all who saw him. 

Huddersfield Times can now exclusively reveal the identity of the ‘dinosaur’ as well as uncovering the fantastic inspiration behind the gesture.

Thomas Mitchell, 17, is the remarkable young man who, in his own words, wanted to ‘bring joy to those who saw him’.  Tom recently started an apprenticeship in January 2021 working for the NHS at both Huddersfield Royal Infirmary and Calderdale Royal Hospital. He describes it as ‘an honour to work for the NHS, especially at such a critical time’. Using his first wage, he purchased an inflatable dinosaur costume, knowing one day he could put it to some use. On Saturday, he decided to put the costume on and walk around the local area ‘for a laugh’ to cheer people up. 

Speaking to Huddersfield Times, Tom explained “I didn’t expect to get the reaction and support that I did”. He explained that drivers were beeping their horns in support for him, and people stopped to take photos with him, and he could see the positive effect it was having on others. 

Tom told us “I couldn’t believe the support I received online the next day. It felt like everyone in our local community was talking about it. It was amazing to receive such positive support and it goes to show how the smallest gesture can really raise people’s spirits, even for those who didn’t see me but who knew I was out there. I hope I can be an inspiration for others to be a good person and teach them that the little things can make a difference.”

Thomas Mitchell, 17 who was un-masked as the mystery ‘dinosaur’

He also explained that he had received lots of comments from parents asking whether he will be dressing up again, and even his local teacher got in touch asking whether he could make an appearance outside the school during their lesson learning about dinosaurs. In response, Tom told us that the overwhelming support received means he is planning to do it again in the future.

Tom also asked Huddersfield Times to do an appeal as he inadvertently left his backpack on a garden wall near Tesco Express on Long Lane in Dalton at around 10:30pm on Saturday night. The backpack is black in colour with a ‘joker’ face on it and contains a green coat and other items. We really hope this gets returned and If anyone has found this item, please contact Huddersfield Times and we can put you in touch with him.

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