Council’s ‘Clip and Collect’ garden waste service resumes

The garden waste collection service will re-start next month for all those who are registered.

Kirklees gardeners are being urged to plan ahead by making sure they are registered for Kirklees Council’s Clip & Collect garden waste service as it aims to have 30,000 residents signed up to the service by the beginning of May.

Collections will re-start on Monday 7th February for over 24,500 households currently registered to use Clip & Collect as it returns from its 2021-2022 winter break.

The fortnightly service collects lawn cuttings, weeds, and hedge trimmings in designated brown bins.

Kirklees Council is asking residents to make sure they are ready to renew their registration for the 2022-23 season. The sign-up window runs from 1st February to 30th April.

Current Clip and Collect users are registered to receive services until the beginning of June this year, after which the service starts the 2022-2023 paid for season. Residents need to sign up during the coming registration window if they want their brown bins emptied between June 2022 and June 2023.

Councillor Naheed Mather busy tidying up a garden ready for brown bin to be emptied again in February.

Councillor Naheed Mather, Cabinet Member for the Environment said:

“We launched the brown bin service in 2019 with 10,000 people taking it up in the first year. We now have over 24,500 residents turning more than 7,000 tonnes of organic waste into compost and soil dressings, it would be great to see us have 30,000 households registered by the end of this renewal window.

“We want to make sure all residents that want the service for the coming collection season know how to register when the window opens on February 1st.

“Residents can check their contract with the council by logging on to their My Kirklees Account.”

Clip and Collect is now an established part of the council’s Resource and Waste Strategy that was adopted last September.

The collected garden waste is turned into reusable organic materials that can be used for many commercial and industrial uses.

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