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Correction from Kirklees Council 3/11/21
Press Notice to correct inaccuracies in material published in relation to the role of Kirklees Council and the statutory process of delivering the Holme Valley Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

In accordance with Regulation 5 (3) (b) of the Neighbourhood Planning (Referendums) Regulations 2012 this Notice is published to correct inaccurate information in the material published in connection with the Holme Valley Neighbourhood Plan which will be subject to a Referendum on Thursday 4 November 2021 between the hours of 7am-10pm.

Promotional material

Material published in relation to the Holme Valley Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan includes factually incorrect statements regarding the role of Kirklees Council. This Notice seeks to correct those inaccuracies as follows:

“Stop Kirklees Council taking away your power and your voice from future development and spending in the Holme Valley. The Neighbourhood Plan is a development from the Kirklees Local Plan”

Kirklees Council is not the author of the Holme Valley Neighbourhood Plan. The Counting Officer’s role (for the designated neighbourhood area) is to facilitate and administer the referendum, vote and count. Decisions on future developments through the planning system would be taken in accordance with the Development Plan (which may include the Neighbourhood Plan if the Referendum achieves over 50% of the vote). Spending decisions are not related to the Neighbourhood Plan process.

“Stop Kirklees Council leading us down the wrong path”

Kirklees Council is not the author of the Neighbourhood Plan. The adoption of a Neighbourhood Plan flows from the process as set out in legislation.

Lack of community consultation

Holme Valley Parish Council as authors of the plan are required by Law to undertake early engagement and consultation on the Plan.  An independent Examiner appointed to consider the Plan contents and the processes involved in its production, concluded that “participation by residents … has been facilitated throughout the process at various stages” and “that the communication and consultation which took place provided sufficient opportunity for the community’s participation’’. Details of the consultation are outlined on the Holme Valley Parish Council Neighbourhood Planning webpage via Neighbourhood Plan – Holme Valley Parish Council.

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