Continue Helping Us Make Huddersfield Safer, Local Policing Team Inspector Urges

Huddersfield’s locally born inspector has encouraged residents to help his team continue work to drive down crime in the town he is proud of.

Inspector Graham Dyson of the Huddersfield Neighbourhood Policing Team, said residents were helping officers make a ‘significant difference’ in lowering offending and he wanted them to keep making reports.

Recent crime data has shown burglary offences and criminal damage in Huddersfield for May and June was down on the same period in 2020 while serious violent crime was unchanged.

He said: “Working back in Huddersfield and leading the Neighbourhood Team for the past two years now has been an absolute dream job for me.

“I have lived in the town all my life and love the place, and the people.

“Huddersfield has a unique history, and having come from a farming and textile background I have seen a real change in the town over the years, some good and some not so good, but overall the town is a really great place to live and work.  Overall, the majority of people are good and kind-hearted who celebrate their town.”

The Inspector said he remained keen to patrol with his team in communities and get a personal feel for issues in them.

“Recently, I decided to get out and have a look around various areas where we have recently seen issues, and engage with people to get a real grass roots feel of what was going on,” he said.

“It was really pleasing to speak to various members of the community and especially pleasing to come across a couple of gentlemen who were enjoying the evening and views from Castle Hill.

“Both had only recently come to live in Huddersfield having moved from Norfolk, and they couldn’t have been more complimentary of our town and the people, pointing out the fantastic views which to be honest I don’t think I appreciated as much as I should until they pointed them out.

“Yes, they did say that some people cause issues, but this happens in any town across the country.”

The Inspector said the team continued to encourage residents to pass them information about offences, and said reports from residents had directly led to crimes being solved including burglaries and drugs offences. 

He said: “I am committed, as are my team to dealing with those who wish to cause harm, making Huddersfield a safe place to live and work, and the community feel safer.

“West Yorkshire Police cannot win the fight against crime and ASB on our own, but I know with the support that we receive from partners and the community we are making a significant difference.  I just encourage residents to keep coming forwards and working with us to help make our town a safer place to work and live.”

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