Community Action Group working to improve Linthwaite

We love hearing about your local community action groups. Now more than ever is the time when having a sense of community and belonging is vital. These community groups, backed by a team of volunteers help to bring the community together, as well as working to make their local area as desirable as can be.

Pride in Linthwaite is one such group that was formed back in 2017, inspired by a public meeting to discuss village issues. To date, the group has 5 subgroups who all work hard to ensure Linthwaite and its surrounding areas are a better place ‘to live, work and be proud of’.

Keeping Linthwaite Tidy was formed from a pre-existing litter picking group. The work of this subgroup includes litter picking, painting, and graffiti removal as well as working with Kirklees Council to remove fly-tipping, repair street furniture and other tasks.

Linthwaite in Bloom are a team of creative volunteers who work hard maintaining planters, floral displays and hanging baskets across their local area. 

Leadboilers Festival is a community-led event designed to bring residents across Linthwaite and the surrounding areas together. The annual event includes local stalls, food and drink, activities, children’s entertainment and finishes with outdoor performances from local bands. The event organisers work hard to ensure costs are kept down to allow entrance to be free. 

Planning in Linthwaite is a subgroup which helps to provide a collective voice for resident’s ideas and concerns about planning applications and property developments, both to Kirklees Council and developers.

Youth Engagement is the final subgroup which works towards two main aims (what are the aims?). They achieve this by providing targeted support and activities to individual young people and help them develop, whilst also engaging with the wider young population and providing activities which enable them to realise their potential.

During the first Covid-19 lockdown, Pride in Linthwaite also became a Mutual Aid group which provided co-ordinated support to vulnerable and self-isolating individuals as well as working with food banks to distribute goods to those in most need.

The work of Pride in Linthwaite has managed to continue in certain aspects during the recent lockdown. Over the weekend, a small number of volunteers individually removed graffiti from along the stretch of canal between Cowersley and Slaithwaite. The Linthwaite in Bloom team also refreshed planters throughout the village. 

Huddersfield Times spoke to Liz Quinn who is this year’s chair of Pride in Linthwaite. She spoke about some of the wonderful activities that had been taking place. She told us “We have been able to provide litter pickers to our volunteers and this meant they could clear areas independently. Across last week, we managed to collect over 100 bags of litter. We have also reminded people how to report issues across the area to Kirklees Council.”

Liz also expressed how fortunate the group are to be backed by their army of amazing volunteers. She explained “We have over 200 volunteers that give their time to help the community in different ways. It is the most precious thing someone can give. We also feel incredibly lucky that so many local people are donating which enable us to do even more.”

The team at Pride in Linthwaite are excited for what the future holds post-lockdown for the community action groups. 

You can find out more about Pride in Linthwaite by visiting or by searching for Pride in Linthwaite on Facebook, where you will also find details of the sub-groups across the area.

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