About Classifieds@HT

Welcome to our Classified section. We are bringing the retro feel of traditional classifieds and using modern technology to make them even better.

Here’s some ideas of how you can make our low-cost service work for you:

– Selling your property privately.

– Advertising large purchases and motor vehicles.

– Advertising local job vacancies.

– Promoting your business / services.

– Lost and Found ads. *

With our introductory offer – You can take advantage of our services for just £3 for a text-based ad and £5 for a text-and-image based ad (Business / service promotion ads are valid for one calendar month. Sales and job ads last until fulfilled. Lost and Found ads are FREE).

Take a look at the examples below to see how your ads will look…

We also offer multiple images and text for just £10.

To create your own Classifieds Ad simply complete the contact form below and one of our team will be in touch.

Classifieds Enquiry Form
If you choose an option which includes an image - one of our team will contact you to obtain the image.
Please enter the text that you wish to display on the ad. Remember, the more words you choose to include - the smaller they will appear.

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