Christmas Spirit Comes to Leeds Road

The impact of Covid-19 on our lives this year has been significant; but out of this brings numerous fantastic stories of people trying hard to lift people’s spirits. One of those such people is Samantha Sykes who is now the chair of Town and Springbank Community TRA. 

Last Sunday, backed by a team of  amazing volunteers, single mum of five children Samantha surprised her entire estate with Christmas gifts, sweets and treats Armed with 82 donated gifts, 115 chocolate selection boxes and some festive friends, they brightened everyone’s day and brought the community together.

Cllr Mus Khan who was also joined by Cllr Naheed Mather volunteered her time to help out; she said ‘The children were so made up to see Santa and his elves. It was magical and really made the day for all the residents that came out. It’s so important that we create good memories for children and Christmas is still magical despite the restrictions and it was an absolute pleasure to be part of such a uplifting event. Many thanks to the TRA and Dalton Together Wanting to bring cheer and happiness to local residents. 

Special thanks go the team of volunteers that helped in both planning and delivering the event; Laura Marsden (who is now Co-Chair of the TRA), Jamie, Debbie and Belinda.  The team would also like to extend thanks to Laura Clarke, Tesco, Syngenta Employer’s Community Gift Committee and Lesley from Greenfields Community Group. 

Speaking exclusively to Huddersfield Times, Samantha told us that she was ‘overwhelmed by the support the event received and how proud [she] was of the community’. Having previously rallied the residents to take part in a Halloween picture event it’s clear that the team are so passionate about their community and we know that will continue to work hard to support the residents.

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