Can you help Moldgreen ARLFC win online battle?

Twelve long months since amateur sports teams were last allowed to practise and play, Yorkshire Junior and Youth Amateur Rugby League are holding a virtual competition.

A fiery ‘Battle of the Logos’, Moldgreen ARLFC are the only Huddersfield team left in the running and they are keen to win the title for Huddersfield, the Birthplace of Rugby League.

Having made their way to the semi-finals, the team are currently up against Queensbury ARLFC.  The winner will be decided by counting up the numbers of ‘likes’ each team gets on the relevant Facebook and Twitter posts before 11am tomorrow morning.

The Moldgreen club is operated solely by volunteers who have worked tirelessly to keep the players engaged during lockdown, holding remote practice sessions, Zoom workouts and activities until they can meet again on the field.

The Huddersfield Giants, local rugby clubs and even football clubs Golcar and Dalton have got behind the team to ensure the title comes home.

Beki Lindley, whose children play with Moldgreen, said “rugby league is so inclusive, there’s no bad blood between clubs, it’s all just banter and showing support for one another”.  Beki is hoping that some more local support will see the club’s numbers soar in the competition.  “It’s almost like a pre-season competition”, she added.

You can show your support for the club at the following links – make sure to read the posts as they have different ways of showing which team you are voting for:

Click here for the Facebook post

Click here for the Twitter post

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