Blow for women’s football as league cancelled for 2nd season

by Oliver Eaton 

For the second consecutive season, Huddersfield Town Women have seen their league declared null and void by The FA.

In a statement released today, the FA said, “The FA Women’s Football Board has now considered the feedback submitted by Leagues and Clubs as part of the Tiers 3-6 Club Survey, the Grassroots Survey and recommendations of the Women’s Football Conference, in addition to the information set out in the Government’s recent roadmap. The 2020/21 Season for tiers 3-6 of the Women’s Football Pyramid will be curtailed with immediate effect and declared incomplete, with no further league fixtures taking place this season.”

This decision means that Huddersfield will not continue their table-topping league campaign, although they can still continue in this season’s FA Cup competition.

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