Are you a Giants fan? Join the Supporters Association

The HGSA is a non profit organisation made up of dedicated Giants fans, with the aim of raising money for the Academy and scholarships.

It is run solely by volunteers, chaired by a committee (which any member can be voted on to) and is open to anyone to join.

Although the HGSA is totally independent of the Huddersfield Giants it acts as a conduit between the club and the supporters, by having regular meetings and discussing any issues, thoughts or ideas that members may have.

Funds are raised partly by membership fees and donations, and partly by events and speaker evenings, exclusively organised by the HGSA.

For an annual fee of just £5 per year members will have the following benefits:

  • Access to video content
  • Interaction with players and staff
  • Use of the ‘Legends’ bar on match days (when lockdown/social distancing restrictions are lifted)
  • Access and discounts to events
  • Chances to win tickets and other prizes
  • Plus more!

To join the HGSA or renew your membership , simply fill out a form here:

The HGSA also accepts donations online. 

More info:


Twitter:   @HudGiantsSA

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