Appeal to find missing memory card containing precious memories

A Huddersfield resident has put out a heartfelt appeal in order to try and recover precious memories on a memory card that was left in a local supermarket.

Leanne contacted Huddersfield Times in a last-ditch attempt to try and recover the memory card that contains precious images of her father who recently passed away, along with early photos of her young daughter.

Leanne explained that the memory card was accidentally left in a photo printing machine located in Asda Huddersfield whilst she was printing out an enlarged image of her late father for his funeral which was this week. She added that the Asda store have ‘been really useful’ and worked with her to attempt to recover the memory card but sadly, have not been successful.

The card was left in the Max Spielman photo printing machine on Saturday 06th March 2021 between 2PM and 2:30PM. The memory card is described as a ‘Blue San-disk SD Memory Card’.

Speaking to Huddersfield Times, Leanne told us that she was distraught when she realised the card had gone missing. She explained that the photos are extremely precious to her and it would mean so much to her if she could get them back. She is desperately appealing to all local shoppers to see if anyone has any information or may have picked the memory card up by mistake.

We are hopefully that the memory card will be returned to Leanne. Anyone with information can contact us and we can put you in touch with Leanne directly.

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