A super-short history of the Huddersfield Times

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Hello and a Merry Christmas to all. I hope you are all ready for the festive season to fully activate.

While in the holiday spirit, I decided to sit down and pen a fresh article for all our dedicated readers as we countdown to Huddersfield Times’ first birthday on the 12th of December. Now, do not be fooled by the title I have chosen, that is nothing more than a ruse to draw you into what is not a history piece, but an appreciation piece instead. Still, I will give you a little historical context.

Way back when, in 2020, a couple of individuals were brought together online by their mutual dislike of local reporting – or lack thereof. They drew up plans to serve our wonderful town of Huddersfield. While the coronavirus lockdowns left many bored, locals Kim and Jonathan took the opportunity to start our lovely publication, Huddersfield Times.

It might be fair to say that both Kim and Jonathan began this venture with next to no experience in media publishing, but in a short space of time, pretty much overnight, they were learning and doing everything. From website design and networking to writing articles and promoting, they have both battled to get this space, dedicated to real local news, up and running. While I am writing this as a matter of personal appreciation, I think it is worth saying that these two Huddites, motivated by a lack of relevant reporting from other local media, have stepped up to deliver a service with a skip in its step.

Kim and Jonathan have been consistently humbled by the support they receive.

Having recruited several dedicated contributors covering various topics, Kim and Jonathan have fostered what is a wholesome and positive space for locals to access and contribute to. Both in their editorial focus and social media interactions, Huddersfield Times is a little beacon of local light that is missing from the vast majority of media.

In terms of personal appreciation, as it is Christmas time and I am coming up to my first-anniversary writing for HT, I thought it a prudent time to share some thanks. To all the readers who continue to read and support our little local gem, it is a pleasure to share our wares with such brilliant locals as this is a place all about people. And, to Kim and Jonathan, who gave me my first opportunity to publish my writing, thank you for creating such a positive space in what has been difficult times.

So, in terms of history, give it ten years and I will return to tell you how everything has panned out. In relation to appreciation, I’m sure I will return to offer more of that. Thank you all, ho ho ho and a Merry Christmas.

Antony (local history contributor, History Corner)

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