A Co-Operative effort to SMaSH total for food bank

Some of the supplies Ben obtained to create delicious meals for the community.

Back in January we wrote about Huddersfield chef Ben Franco, of The Barn in Almondbury, and the fantastic work he had done to help feed people in the community over the last year.

At the time of publishing, Ben was hoping to work with Jane at St Michael and St Helen’s Church to create a food bank, after identifying that there was great need in the area for such a resource. Their hopes have recently come to fruition, with the SMaSH food bank officially having opened on April 9th.

As a registered charity, the food bank relies entirely on donations of food and money. Shoppers at the Co-Op store on Northgate, Almondbury are able to purchase items with their shopping and leave them at a collection point for the food bank, and their patrons have been very generous.

Eager to help even more, staff at the store have kindly presented Ben with a cheque for £200 for the SMaSH food bank! This will go directly towards purchasing food and other items needed for the people who find themselves in need of the food bank.

Ben was presented with the £200 cheque by staff at the Co-Op in Almondbury.

Ben shared a photo of him being handed the cheque, saying “a huge thanks to Cameron, Diane and all at the Co-Op at Almondbury for presenting me with a cheque for £200 for me to pass on to Smash Food Bank at Fleminghouse Lane. Thanks as always to everyone at the Co-Op, the people of Almondbury, and Jane for making this happen.”

The food bank is open every Friday at the church, from 9.30am to 1pm.

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